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EHR Software - A Digital Solution for Your Office and On the Go

EHR Software that strives to take the error out of electronic charting and enables your practice for e-prescribing.

Digital Physician Electronic Health Records systems aim to take the difficulty out of practice management. Through scheduling, billing, and reporting, our Electronic Health Record Software allows you to take control of your practice while mobile and online. This allows for e-prescribing and electronic charting. Ultimately, this reduces errors in data entry, improves documentation and the functionality of your practice. EHR is designed to be used in the office, hospital, long term care, and hospice care. No matter what your need is, we have a solution to complicated paperwork and file keeping. 

We strive to offer a continuious care for different providers and services. Through utilizing Digital Physician software physicians and service providers are able to send messages with one another. This opens the lines of communications even for patients that are receiving various services outside of the hospital, or hospice facility. 


Your Electronic Health Records Made Easy

Our software is easy to get started on with installation, support, and upgrades provided with no additional cost. It's common for users of other EHR Software programs to have difficulty transitioning and lack support. We at Digital Physicians strive to provide support every step of the way and whenever needed. It is not only easy to perform on but also easy to use overall. We are there for help if anything comes up. Digital Physician also offers mobile device support across the varying platforms (Windows, IOS, Android).

If you want to see if Digital physician EHR is the right fit for your practice try out our free software demo today. Our goal is to save you time and help you stay as precise and profitable as possible. 

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