Electronic Health Record (EHR) Service for Healthcare Practitioners & Clinicians

Access to Records Anywhere

Digital Physician EHR Systems are ideal for the physician looking to improve client care continuity amongst other care providers. Practice Management software that provide ease of access to all clinicians and allow for secure messaging and e-prescribing. Physician EMR Software designed by a clinician with usability in mind, as well as saving time. We understand that time-consuming data entry is less than helpful as well as the inability to exchange health information amongst other EHR System products. Digital Physician's strive to get rid of difficult data entry, designing a system that is user friendly, without all the time consuming hassle other systems can be. There is also the capability to message other providers not yet on the Digital Physician Platform. With Digital Physician providers have access to records anywhere, and can send and receive secure messages, so they are never limited to updating patient files in one place. 

With an Easy-to-Use, Instant Access Interface

With healthcare providers going digital sign up for instant access to Digital Physician's EHR Services.

We offer scheduling as well as exporting and utilizing the information for billing and reporting. Physician EMR that allows for electronic charting to reduce errors in data entry and better health record documentation. It is easy to use to ideally save providers time in documentation as a whole. 

With the healthcare system going digital it's important for providers to find a solution that works best for their specific needs. Digital Physician EHR Systems were designed by a provider with patient care as well as health care practitioners needs in mind. EHR Sytems Software that is designed for use in the office, hospital and longer term care, while also ideal for home health care, hospice or assisted living. The EHR Systems are ideal for storing clinical and demographic data. 

In addition there is no long term contract or commitment, but rather a month to month agreement. We provide more than just aid of installation but also ongoing support. We also provide support for mobile devices across many of the popular platforms.

There is no upfront cost and you can instantly access our demo server with no obligation. As far as long term commitment, we offer a Month-to-Month subscription with no termination fees as well as no upfront cost. An easy to use system that allows providers to have access to records anywhere. A subscription includes unlimited access to our platform with unlocked available data at all times, installation and support and upgrades at not additional cost.

The EHR Systems are HIPAA Compliant as well as running off of a private and secure cloud based system where one can E-Prescribe as well as send secure messages amongst other health care providers and advocates. All the while keeping a record of all activity to ensure documentation as well as client continuity. Digital Physicians is aimed at taking the stress and time out of electronic charting while also opening the communication amongst providers. You can sign up for instant access to our demo now.

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