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Through our EHR Online you can manage documents, chart online, and e-prescribe.Now-a-days the medical industry is making it's move to the internet. With Digital Physician's Electronic Health Records Online you can now manage your practice while mobile. The service is great for Physicians, Hospice Nurses,  hospitals, and in home health care facilitators. Digital Physician is meant to reduce date entry errors through electronic charting. It also allows for e-prescribing. There are many more features such as; secure messaging, document management and much more. It goes beyond keeping up with the times. Its about reliability and an accessible service that can take the time out of health practice management and return it to you and your patients. 

Keeping track of logs with our electronic health record system has never been easier. Our service is intuitive, natural and available where ever you are. It's easy to get started. You can test out a free demo of our software to see for yourself the ease of Digital Physician. Our service is based on a month to month subscription with no termination fees. It's purpose is to save time and help you stay profitable at your practice. Its design is compatible on desktop, tablet and smartphones. It is also HIPAA compliant so you never have to worry about confidentiality. Our goal is to make it easy to keep notes and mange your practice so that there is less documentation at the end of the day. Health records are making the move to the digital world. Why not make life easier on yourself and make the move as well? At Digital Physician, we believe that you will find online health record keeping so easy and reliable, you will never look back. 

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