AMA Recommendations for EHR Systems

There has been much controversy recently over EHR systems and their overall usability. Many physicians are unhappy with their current system because the software is not aligned to meet their individual practice needs. In response, The American Medical Association (AMA) put together a panel of experts and identified the top eight solutions to making EHRs usable and effective. We at Digital Physician commend the AMA for developing this list, and we have shared the same goals for usability since we first began developing our own EHR system.

  1. Enhance physicians’ ability to provide high quality patient care. Digital Physician software is designed to improve patient-doctor interaction rather than distract from it. We believe doctors should not be distracted with managing a bad interface, but instead should be focusing on the patient and providing care.
  2. Support team-based care. It is important that staff can work together to input a maximum amount of patient information, and that one team member is not solely responsible for managing the EHR system. In other words, the burden of recording patient data should not fall on just one staff member.
  3. Promote care coordination. By automatically tracking referrals, consultations, orders and labs, it is easy for physicians to track the progression of their patient’s care. Digital Physician strives for full EHR interoperability and robust tracking.
  4. Offer product modularity and configurability. We believe technology must be tailored to accommodate individual practice needs and workflows.
  5. Reduce cognitive work load. The AMA recommends that IT developers create tools that will consolidate and interpret large amounts of patient data, in order to support physicians as they make real-time decisions. This will save doctors’ time navigating charts and interpreting information.
  6. Promote interoperability and data exchange. If physicians have a more complete picture of their patients’ care across providers, it will improve their own recommendations. EHR software integration with other systems will provide physicians with valuable information.
  7. Facilitate digital patient engagement. Increased communication between patients and physicians will improve long-term health management. This is why we at Digital Physician developed an instant messaging feature in our software.
  8. Expedite user input into product design and post-implementation feedback. We believe that doctors understand best how technology should help them in their practice. That’s why our EHR software was developed by a doctor who uses it in his own practice.

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