EHR Aiding in Continuity of Care

Proper treatment of a patient receiving health services often involves a number of different providers and services for any one patient at a given time. Most times services are rendered at various locations, making continuity of care among different providers absolutely necessary. With Digital Physician EHR Software, each product has the unique ability to record and send a message to any provider in the United States that is registered with the National Provider Identifier database.

This means of keeping everyone interconnected is aimed at saving time that is typically used on paperwork and keeping files as update as possible. Often times there are a number of providers working on one individual, a situation which requires the most clear and up to date notes as possible to safeguard the patient is getting proper care. In other instances an individual in a nursing home may be receiving a number of different services, as well as have different physicians involved on their case. Digital Physician allows specialists at the hospital and nurses to send messages to primary care physicians and any other service providers that may be caring for an individual. This is to keep everyone up to date with the latest patient information.

This further opens the door so that in instances where patients receive services in different care facilities; such as, hospitals caregivers can all be interconnected and send and receive messages amongst one another to be sure the patient is receiving what was deemed proper care. It’s simple for physicians to receive updates if they are a user of Digital Physician, they will receive an email and/or text message notice that a new message or order is waiting for them.

One may run into an instance where the other provider is not a Digital Physician user, in which case the message or order is faxed to the physician. This essentially takes out the telephone tag often played by providers as well as the possibility of error in delivering and reading handwritten file notes.

Not only does this keep everyone on essentially the same page, but it also allows caregiving organizations the ability to track messages and orders to be sure everything is up to date and no provider suggestions go unheard.

Our EHR software was developed with the patient and provider in mind, to be sure patients are getting the appropriate care they deserve and to allow providers a safe, reliable, system to record services and document services and care.

We understand that the health field is ever changing and growing and because of that we at Digital Physician are always working hard to further grow our certified EHR products. 

EHR Software with a high emphasis on continuity of care, with a goal to make physician's lives easier.

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