EHR Systems Saving Time and Improving Care

Physician EMR’s are once again moving to the forefront of physician care as the talk this month is about electronic health records online and more specifically within the hospital realm. Health News describes physicians and caregivers making their rounds at hospitals now with access to information and the ability to take notes bedside, rather than rushing around trying to find an open computer station. It also cuts back on the time spent logging in and creating/updating patient files once a computer station is located.

Physician EMR systems used to save care givers time and energy.

It’s funny that this is something that is only now making news, as this is a feature that Digital Physician has included from the beginning. The goal has always been to improve the continuity of care, and make the life for physicians and caregivers easier. We strive to offer a system where one can update on the go if the physician so wishes. Even if this process only saves a few minutes a day, it is still a few minutes more the physician can spend with the patient.

Many people see physician EHR systems as being a means of organization, we try to offer that and so much more. We are attempting to bridge the lines between physicians, clients and technology. We believe that by offering a system that’s also available on mobile and on tablets we are able to offer a solution that won't interrupt workflow or generate new obstacles for physicians. It seems that health care as a whole is shifting towards tablets, so why not join the ranks of them now.

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