Improving Transitional Care

In a world where instant gratification is sought after, and people are often in and out of the medical system. Often times individuals will go from one care facility or physician to another, thus making it critical to have quality of care as well as clear communication amongst providers. Digital Physician has always strived for continuity of care, but our goal is to improve the communication between the health care providers and doctors that are providing care at different levels. This goes well beyond tracking the patient from hospitals to skilled nursing care, to home, but also improving the communication as a whole across all areas.

Nowadays it seems Transitional Care is receiving more and more attention, and we have taken a notice and worked to zero in to creating a solution for all caregivers and physicians. Our goal is to open a line of communication amongst all care providers and doctors that are providing care at different levels. With Digital Physician one can track a patient’s level of care and allow communicating even with those not using the Digital Physician EHR Software. This is accomplished by sending a fax, and through our Electronic Health Records Software providers can send and receive faxes and track all communication. Don’t know a provider’s contact information? In a hope to make it as easy as possible we harness the National Provider Database to quickly search and find fax numbers.

Digital Physician was designed by a Doctor, with the goal to make physicians’ and caregivers’ lives easier, as well as open a line of communication for them. In the end this should limit Hospitals getting penalties through the Readmission Reduction Program that Medicare is enforcing as well as streamline communication.

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