Mobile Physicians WIth EHR Systems

Enhancing Mobility 

Digital Physician EHR Systems helps provide physicians and caregivers some ease of use and mobility by making E-Prescribing and Charting on mobile devices possible while on the go. The goal of enabling EHR software on a mobile device will ideally allow physicians an opportunity to step away from their desk and be able to interact more fluidly with patients. With Digital Physician electronic health record system mobile devices will in turn enhance more than the patient continuity and general experience, but also save the provider time by allowing an all-encompassing service. Mobile devices are becoming more and more present in today’s world and we understand that it is imperative to allow charting on them as a means of convenience to caregivers and physicians. Furthermore the use of mobile devices reduces errors in data entry, and allows for better overall documentation.

Our ultimate goal is to make the software and in turn the mobile devices, and computers do the work and allow physicians a fast and simple means of updating charts without taking of the Physician's valuable time. We strive to make electronic health records online, easily accessible and paired with convenience so that it saves time, without sacrificing any means of security. Digital Physician EMR has secure messaging, therefore one does not have to worry about the client’s safety while using a mobile device, and instead it is included in the software.  Afterall with the holiday season well upon us who wants to be stuck sitting at a desk charting, when you can do it on the go?


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