Moving to Digital

It is clear today that the world as we know it has been transformed by technology. This is something that has always been true, however it would appear we have hit a time where individual technology is now the center of most of our healthcare processes; and it is becoming difficult to imagine a time where we did not rely on tablets, or smartphones. With this reliance we have on digital technology medicine is also beginning to make the move over to Electronic health records online. There are a number of benefits from digital health records and physicians are embracing it because of the ease to bill, and better coordination of care. By using trusted EHR Software clinicians and caregivers alike will have their files more readily available and such individuals are able to spend less time mulling over paperwork. This ease of documentation also feeds into a new level of precision. Physician EHR is improving the accuracy of diagnoses along with, improving care coordination, increasing the ease of billing, and improving the quality of patient care as a whole. 

Digital Physician Software stands out from others as it was designed by a Doctor, with a physician’s specific needs in mind. The goal of EHR software and Digital Physician itself is to provide an ease of use and availability that may not otherwise be possible, such as, being available for tablets and mobile devices. This specific EHR software is fairly universal in the healthcare field as it is ideal for hospitals, long-term care, office, home health, and hospice uses. The software stores and tracks both clinical and demographic data with the simple click of a mouse.

One major complaint amongst other EHR software has been the lack of support at its onset. Digital Physician’s sought to create an Electronic Record Software for practice management that would provide this support that others may lack. With the understanding that the move to digital can be a difficult one we provide installation, upgrade and mobile support. Along with providing basic practice management with scheduling and billing, Digital Physician EMR provides a secure service for messaging and document management. Another difficulty often experienced is lack of universal access or usability, Digital Physician is available across the popular platforms allowing the user to have access mobile whether it be Android, Apple IOS, or Windows. With the understanding that healthcare and management is going digital, Digital Physician strives to take the guesswork and difficulty out of the process.

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