Reliable EHR Software

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the adequacy of EHR Software programs and their overall functionality. Complaints have risen amongst Providers about the EHRs ability to help the medical community save time and make files more readily available and thorough. There has been a push in 2013 where the big names in EHR are losing users because of their lack of support and general usability being subpar. Providers are utilizing the support of EHR Software in hopes of creating an ease of sharing and updating patient files, and yet it seems that many physicians are dissatisfied and feel that they are lacking training and therefore are limited in their capabilities. So the question is what is it that is inspiring physicians to seek out this service if so many are being burned by what is promised as a solution?

Physicians need long-term sustainability when choosing a service; no one is looking to invest money into something that will not be a long term solution. It is because of this need that physicians are looking to invest their money in big name brand EHRs that have proven track records and guarantees. This is true for most things technology related but unfortunately for physicians and providers this is not always the answer when it comes to EHR software. Instead they are getting lost in the number of users and lacking support. This is something that the smaller EHRs can offer a solution to. We are in an age of technological advancements where the little guys are able to provide their customers the support they want when they want it better than the well known companies. Startups are providing services that many others lack and because of that EHR software is taking a turn from big names to little companies to provide the best solutions.

We at Digital Physician offer initial support so that physicians are able to determine if it is a good solution, and on-going support so physicians never have to feel as though they are fending for themselves. As is true with most things related to technology there are updates and we offer further support whenever those come up so there is no getting lost in the learning curve.

It is important for providers to be aware of what their specific needs are when it comes to EHR programs, because really the purpose is to help them. It’s less about signing up for a big name company with a lot of clients and more about finding what fits and works for you and your practice. We want to improve the quality of care and not force physicians to spend time and energy trying to learn the latest software updates.

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