Usability Done Right

In a time where going paperless, digital, and mobile is a way of life there is all to often a key important factor missing, and that is user friendly accessibility. We realize that EHR software is something that many physicians are using in their practices now, however it seems many are not fully satisfied with their EHR provider. Usability has always been a sore area for many Physician EHRs, with Doctors often voicing concerns on how difficult it can be to accomplish simple tasks. In February the Black Book Rankings found that of the 17,000 physicians surveys that were active EHR users, 31% wanted to switch EHR products†. Whether this be related to the accessibly or functionality is not described in detail, but it seems physicians are looking for convenience. Some of the highest ranked EHRs piece together administrative and documentation functionalities, clinical functionalities, E-Prescribing, and access to patient history resulting in poor usability. If the goal is to be more effective why shouldn’t a physician have access to all of their needs in one place?

It seems a lot of the EHR software out there is missing the point, electronic health records online, should be accessible, convenient and overall user friendly without sacrificing security or quality of any kind, or taking up the Physician’s valuable time. 

This is something that Digital Physician excels at, as we strive to make the computer do the work and minimize the clicks involved so the user is truly benefitting from the software and doing less of the legwork. We allow for scheduling, billing and reporting and all things administrative while also allowing document management and electronic charting, including E-Prescribing, because if accessibility and overall effectiveness is the goal why not offer the full package? 

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