Remaining an Innovative EHR System

We often share benefits of electronic health record keeping. We also share what the benefits would be of utilizing our EHR software, Digital Physician in one's practice or care facility. It's one thing to share benefits, but we realize often it helps to hear another's take on the EHR system as a whole. A recent article from the American Journal of Medicine focuses on "The Turing Test and a Call to Action to Improve Electronic Health Record Documentation". It goes into detail to stating the benefits one would expect from taking on an Electronic Health Records system. These include but are not limited to, clear event tracking and quality control. The article argues that with EHR's as a whole is still unproven on whether quality of care or clinical outcomes are directly improved through EHR's. This may be true looking at electronic health record keeping as a whole, but the Digital Physician program and it's ideals that it is based on, have always pushed to do just that. Our goal is to make record keeping easily accessible as well as making sure there is an ease to record keeping.

Another benefit of Electronic Health Record Documentation the article states is the improvement of clinical documentation. While is seems obvious that there must be some sort of improvement since it promotes legibility and completeness of clinical documents, there again seems to be some debate on whether or not this is always true. It appears in some systems the quality of notes can be questioned, with templates that are lacking the details that are critical in long-term record keeping. We have strived to push the boundaries on the norm and develop a system that does actually improve clinical documentation, as well as make it easy to share information amongst other providers. 

We at Digital Physicians are a EHR system created by a doctor. This is what sets us apart from other EHR systems. We were designed to improve all of the above, as well as communicate the necessary clinical narrative. Thus far many other electronic health vendors have shied away from focusing on improving the clinical quality of electronic health record facilitated documents. This can consist of auto-populated documents that can often take away from the note taking experience, as well as the gravity of many clinical situations. We understand just that and have purposely designed our system to make notes easily accessible to physicians and care givers alike as well as making it easy to transfer notes and documentation from one means of care to another. Our ideals are to bridge the gap in communication for caregivers and allow a more united record in patient continuity. It may be too soon to determine direct benefits from other EHR's, but it's been clear from the start that we strive to develop innovative strategies to improve care, and shy away from merely working off regulatory requirements as a template. 

Digital Physician EHR System offers innovative strategies to help caregivers and physicians improve quality of care.

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