Physician EMR

Physician EMR - Practice Management Program, Secure messages, Electronic Charting and so Much More


practice management, secure messaging, document management, electronic charting, and e-prescribing - Electronic Medical RecordsDigital Physician is an Electronic Medical Record - EMR or practice management program. It helps medical practitionors  with scheduling, reporting and billing information for their clients. WIth Digitial Physician, you will be able to send secure messages, prescriptions, labs, faxes and documents digitally to ensure a speedy delivery. We also offer easy to use electronic charting. It is ideal for reducing data entry errors, and it improves documentation clarity. By reducing errors you can improve the quality of patient care. We also offer document management where you can take note of documents on the computer and send and receive faxes directly from our physician EMR. 

The Digitial Physician Guarantee is there are no upfront costs and unlocked available data is available at all times. Essencally we are providing a product on a month-to-month subscription with no termination fees. A subscription includes unlimited access to our platform with unlocked available data at all times, installation and lastly, support and upgrades at no cost. This way, you are always at the forefront of the latest when it comes to your electronic medical records

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